Paper Pandemic Update 2
I thought I'd do another quick update on gameplay and where we're at with the design around gameplay.We've had a[...]
Paper Pandemic Update 1
​We have the basic layout of the game ​decided however ​I want to be sure that movement does not become[...]
Celebrating the Women of Small Crown Productions
It is International Women's Day and so today I want to pay tribute to the AMAZING TEAM OF WOMEN that[...]
Fun for kids in the School Holiday’s!
We LOVE creating. Theatre might be the thing we love to make the most, but creating is creating and we[...]
Free Tickets For Kids Theatre Show
The Belmont producer is creating this new work for primary school aged children with parents in mind. "I produce the[...]
Small Crown Productions launches new kid focused theatre shows.
After spending the last few years producing a range of other companies works we are making the leap back onto[...]

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