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1066: The Bayeux Tapestry Brought To Life

1066 translated the imagery of the famous Bayeux Tapestry into a mesmerising theatrical spectacular, told as it is outlined on the tapestry. It follows William of Normandy’s rise to power to lead the invasion of England and win the Battle of Hastings to become the first French King of England.

With 80% of the sets and props covered in fabric as a homage to the tapestry, the set was dismantled and reassembled twice throughout the production to create different settings.

Digital images of the actual tapestry were digitally animated and projected as part of the experience adding armies to the battle scenes and wowing audiences.


Concept by Paul Adams

Lead research by Penny Farrow

Written by Paul Adams and Penny Farrow

Set design and construction: Belinda Gayle McCormack

Music composition & Sound Design: Rob Mills

Tapestry Animation and Projection: Ben Tregea

Movement and Choreography: Alanya Bridge

Lighting Design and Operation: Steve Tibbits

Costuming by: Contarina Cassagrande

Photographer: Temucin



Sylvan Rus

James Trigg

Bronte Pearce

Tamara McLaughlin

Samantha Yeates

Laura McKenna

Richard Lamont

Tweet Summers

A live, interactive and improvised theatre experience performed on Twitter.

Concieved and Directed by Paul Adams

Tweet Summers was Australia’s first live theatre performance on the Social media Platform Twitter.

By following the character profiles the audience watched the story ​through the tweets posted in real time by the characters.

Based on Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ this story unfolded in one continuous ​four week long performance.

Tweet Summers was performed by five actors, with four living in Brisbane and one in London, England.



Colin Smith, NJ Price, Dash Kruck, Jane Cameron, Belinda Small, Luke Phillipo (Performing from London)


Website design and construction proudly provided by Australian Design Studio

Closing night Party Images and design by Niles (Danielle Olive)

Production Support – Lizzy King

Production Sponsors: Australian Design Studio, Five Sisters Cafe 

The Three Tweetle Pigs

A live, interactive and improvised theatre experience performed on Twitter.

Concieved and Directed by Paul Adams

The Three Tweetle Pigs was the second Live show performed on Twitter by Small Crown Productions.

Based on the classic children’s tale ‘The Three Little Pigs’ this story took some fun twists when it was revealed that the Big Bad Wolfe was a private investigator searching for clues in a Truffle Trafficking Crime.

This show was performed by five actors, with four performing from Brisbane and one actress performing while on tour down the west coast of Australia with a different production.

Colin Smith, NJ Price, Belinda Small, Paul Adams and Barb Lowing (Performing from Western Australia)


Story time

Contracted to the Brisbane Powerhouse, Small Crown Productions delivered a series of improvised story time sessions as part of the ‘Power Kids’ school holiday program.

Armed with nothing but boxes of thrift shop clothing Paul and various offsiders led the kids through stories made up on the spot based on suggestions from the kids themselves.

The Mandragola is a translated pay from the 15th Century Italian Classic La Mandragora by Niccolo Machiavelli… yes that Machiavelli!

Written by Nicolo Machievelli
Directed by Paul Adams

Season: 11 August – 2 September 2006

Inappropriate – In all the RIGHT places

This is the story of Callimaco, a young Florentine who returns to Florence after hearing about a woman of extraordinary beauty, Lucrenzia, who is living there. Once he sees her, he is determined to have her as his own. There are however, several problems to his plan.

Firstly Lucrezia, is married and secondly her virtue seems above reproach.

Engaging the services of Liguria, a former marriage broker turned parasite, can the two devise a plan to allow Callimaco his moment of bliss with Lucrezia?

With help from the local priest, the juice of a mandrake plant and Lucrezia’s husband, they might just do it.

Filled with great laughs and physical comedy not everything or everyone is as they seem…