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The Great Garden Heist

Mr McGregor has taken Peter’s prized possession… and he wants it back!

The only problem is that Mr McGregor has locked it in his garden safe and the code is split up and hidden amongst a series of puzzles to keep it safe.  

Peter needs the help of Mrs Tittlemouse and the kids to solve the puzzles, get the codes and retrieve his precious items before Mr McGregor gets back to the farm.

The Great Garden Heist is an immersive, interactive escape room inspired event set in the world of Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit.


Peter Rabbit has had his most prized possession stolen by Mr McGregor and now it is in his Garden Safe. The garden safe has a 4 digit code and it has been hidden amongst a series of puzzles to keep it safe.

Peter enlists the help of Mrs Tittlemouse and the kids to help get it back before Mr McGregor gets back to the farm.  They work together to find 4 digits to open the Grey Garden Safe, and 6 key tags each containing a number to unlock two padlocks on a toolbox inside the safe.


The Great Garden Heist is a portable interactive escape room inspired event for kids.

Indoors, outdoors or a mix of both The Great Garden Heist is perfect for developing STEM skills, team work and problem solving abilities.

  • Portable set pieces
  • 2 actors
  • Best for groups of 15-20 kids per session (We hold multiple sessions to cater for your size)
  • Less than 1 hour set up, approx 30min pull out
  • 45-60 mins per session




The Farmyard Sign Post contains black shapes that correspond to shapes with letters found during the scavenger hunt.  The words spell out a phrase giving the kids one number in the safe combination.

A series of 9 black squares with holes in them found during the scavenger hunt are put into a frame.  Once in place specific letters are revealed that relate to the Pig Pen Cypher on the blackboard.  This spells out a message containing a piece of the combination to the safe (Grey Box Pictured above).

The Bunny Puzzle box requires the kids to complete a jigsaw puzzle of Peter Rabbits face in the tray of the box.  Once complete the magnetic lock releases and the draw can slide releasing a peice of the combination hidden inside.

Black Shapes with letters on them are found as part of the scavenger hunt.  These shapes match the shapes on the Sign Post and spell out a sentence revealing one number in the code for the Garden Safe.

Once kids get into the Garden Safe they find a toolbox locked with two padlocks and a plastic sheet that has a range of letters on it. The sheet is an overlay for a maze found on a backing board.

Once the plastic overlay is placed over the blank maze, kids can follow the path to solve the maze spelling out three numbers that are the combination for one of the three lockboxes.

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