We LOVE creating.

Theatre might be the thing we love to make the most, but creating is creating and we want to use that to help parents and kids have easy access to fun stuff to do in the school holidays.

To do this we have come up with an idea we think you are going to love.

The idea started as a means to help kids take our shows home with them.  An activity pack themed to the show.  They are filled with all sorts of games, puzzles and activities all themed to the show, but…

We don’t always have a show on, and you might not be able to make our shows so we thought to ourselves, “Selves, how we can still help?  What can we do that will help parents provide some extra fun for kids even when we don’t have a show on”. 

That’s when it hit us. 

We can create a range of school holiday activity packs not based on a show.

And so we did.

Available now is our Christmas themed Holiday pack.

Coming soon is our Easter holiday pack and a range of others will soon follow.

We are excited by the idea of being able to help parents in their never ending quest to find fun stuff for their kids in the holidays.

You can check out the full range HERE