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OPERATION: Save Christmas

Santa has been kidnapped by Jack Frost and it is up to Candy and Cane to find the one thing that can help get him back…


It’s Santa’s secret device that helps him control time, so he can deliver the presents in a single night every year.

No-one outside the North Pole knows about it and it is locked in a safe in the elves workshop; but only Santa knows the code.

Help Candy and Cane work through Santa’s security system of puzzles to find the codes, unlock the Chronolometer and take it back to the North Pole.

I’ve never seen the kids so engaged with something that came to the OSHC before.

Immaculate Heart OSHC

The kids thought it was fantastic and want them to come back and as a coordinator we all want that.

East Ipswich OSHC

Kids loved it. It tested their memory and social skills, literacy and numeracy, active learning and communication.

Raceview OSHC


Kids are welcomed by Candy & Cane, two of Santa’s workshop elves. They have been sent to do tours of the elves’ remote toy making workshop.

While on the tour an alarm goes on on Canes phone alerting them that Santa has been kidnapped. Mrs Clause has sent a distress call and needs the Chronolometer back, which unbeknownst to Candy & Cane has been with them the whole time to keep it safe.

Santa has set up a security system of puzzles to further enhance the safety and it is up to Candy, Cane and all the kids to work out the puzzles and get the code to Save Christmas!


Operation: Save Christmas has a series of puzzles that lead kids to combinations that open 3 lockboxes.  These lockboxes contain parts of the 4 digit code to open the safe that holds the Chronolometer.  Once inside kids discover the Chonolometer is chained inside a hard case that requries a key.

The puzzles start with a scavnger hunt allowing the kids to find, shapes, block pieces and the lockboxes.  Candy & Cane then guide the kids through the challenges to unlock the Chronolometer.

The Remote Toy Makers Workbench can be set up on any standard table.  It contains a set of tools and some Christmas figurines which are weiged on the scales to give the code for the first lockbox.

It has a morse code sign used to open a different lockbox.

The Table Top  Ball Maze contains a yellow Tennis ball with a key inside.  The key is required to unlock the case containing the Chonolometer – the final puzzle in the challenge.
Kids must navigate the tennis ball across the top level of the game and into the hole to get the ball.

The World Map on the back of the Portable workbench contains numbers of presents to deliver to each country. 

Kids match the 3 country shapes on a lockbox to the world map to discover the code to open the lockbox.

The North Pole Sign Post contains black shapes that correspond to shapes containing letters found during the scavenger hunt.  The words spell out a phrase giving the kids one number in the safe combination.

The Toy Inventory Board is a record of how many presents the Elves have made so far.  It is actually a giant sudoku puzzle that once solved will give kids the combination to the third lockbox.

This Rudolph block puzzle is made up of blocks found during the scavenger hunt.  Once completed the edges contain numbers spelled in morse code which is the combination to the second lockbox.


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