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Adventures of Peter Rabbit

When Peter escapes the drudgery of doing his chores he ends up at Mr McGregor's garden.

After a close call involving a carrot, a mouse and a giant net, Peter has a day filled with hare raising excitement and narrow escapes, but is he bunny enough to save a friend's life?

Adventures of Peter Rabbit is an exciting new theatrical adaption of the classic tales by Beatrix Potter. Aimed at a primary school aged audience, when you add a POP to your tickets this show will give your kids days of adventure for their school holidays.

Play On Packs (POPs)

Exclusive to Small Crown Productions a Play On Pack (POP) is a set of original resources such as crafts, puzzles and more all based on the show.  

The downloadable pack is designed to help extend the experience of the show by giving kids activities to help them keep playing in the world of the story during the holidays.

​Don't forget with our CHRISTMAS BONUS you can get a POP included in your ticket price.  

Just be sure to purchase before the timer runs out.


DATE:   16-17 April 2019

VENUE:   Seven Hills Theatre, Seven Hills Qld

SHOW TIMES:   10.30am & 1.30pm

​DURATION:  Approx 1 hour no Interval


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