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Paper Pandemic Update 2

I thought I’d do another quick update on gameplay and where we’re at with the design around gameplay.

We’ve had a couple of play throughs and a couple of things that have been really interesting that to come out of the test plays that we’ve done so far is the rule in the game around social distancing and we’re toying with that idea of having to stay a certain distance away from each player.

The idea is that if you are set in a space, there are social distancing rules within the game mean that nobody can land or pass in the square directly beside you. So if somebody is coming up to a certain location that they will have to actually spend their movement points to go around you unless they’ve got one of the booster cards that removes the need for social distancing, like your essential workout or your mask.

One of the little things that we’ve came across in our test playing that we need to decide if that’s going to be a thing or not is what happens within a store. During one of the test plays somebody sat right in the front door of a store which meant that nobody else could get into that store. So we’re deciding whether we want to keep that as an option or whether once you’re in a store, social distancing is removed so that other players can get into that same store and you’re not locking people out from being able to find toilet paper in that store.

Not sure which way we’re going to go yet.

We might keep it open and then throw the option for social distancing in stores to be an optional extra in the rules.

The other thing that we found was during the gameplay, just simply looking for individual rolls of toilet paper meant that the minute somebody hit a majority of the toilet paper, essentially the game was over.

We were looking for a way to ensure that gameplay could continue and added that element of not being sure where things were at until the end of the game.

So what we’re going to do is actually turn the toilet paper cards that you’ll cut out into packs and then each pack will have a number on it, and that will be the number of roles within that pack. So you might have a single roll, a double a four, six, eight, 12, which are the standard sort of sizes that you can buy. And at the beginning of the game we will mix these up and place them into the reserve pile, but they will stay face down and it will be a random selection about where they end up on the board.

So you won’t know until you choose that particular pack, how many roles that you have in your pack, which means that you might pick up a one, you might pick up a 12. It will mean that there’s a little bit of a randomizer there in, in who might win.

Paper Pandemic Update 1

​We have the basic layout of the game ​decided however ​I want to be sure that movement does not become a major impediment to peoples enjoyment while playing.

Welcome to our first update on where we are with design right now.

So a couple of things that we really love the idea of.

Firstly the shops being randomly placed by the players around the board edge so that each time you play it’s going to have a slight variation on what it did before.

It means that the different shops can be in different locations each time you play and it’s completely up to the players how that setup happens. It randomizes the actual game design a little bit for you, which we quite like.

One of the important things that I really wanted to have was the ability to move quickly through the shopping centre. The idea being that you will be starting at the escalators and moving through the shopping centre into the stores to find the toilet paper. I didn’t want that actual movement process to be something that becomes arduous and draws away from the fun of the game because you get stuck.

We’re making the tiles big enough that it might take you two good roles to get across to the other side of the shopping centre. Obviously that’s part of the game play, but I really don’t want movement to be something that hinders people’s joy of the game.

So I am trying to find a way to make that easy and one of the ways that we wanted to do that was give players the ability to move through the store in any direction.

We started with hexagons being the floor tiles, which works really, really well in that idea of being able to move in any direction from a location, but it posed a little bit of a problem in the way that we get in and out of stores when we placed those stores around the edges because the shape of a hexagon changes when you’re looking at it from one side to the other.

That might be an easy fix. It might be something that we can solve quite easily, whether that’s by making the stores have entries and exits on both sides so that depending on which side of the board you place it on, just depends which way you rotate the shop.

The other option is to actually change the tile design. The next iteration of that became diamonds.

An issue with the diamonds was that it’s not clear when you’re moving that you can move from diamond to diamond rather than from flat side to flat side, from point side to point side.

That to me felt, as a player, that it would be very unclear, so I didn’t want to keep it like that. We’re now looking at the possibility of actually just making them circles that will sit in a similar design to what hexagons are.

It gives you that ability to move in all those directions and we’ll be a little bit more of a universal shape around the board edge.

We only need to put one entry and exit point on the store is we can design that so that it will sit against those circles and create entry and exit points easily no matter which side of the board is on.

So again, it just simplifies the setup, which is important.

So that’s where we are with that part of the design process at the moment, looking at what’s going to be the best player fun in the way that we move through the space of the game itself.

Celebrating the Women of Small Crown Productions

It is International Women's Day and so today I want to pay tribute to the AMAZING TEAM OF WOMEN that help Small Crown Productions get things done right now.

As a micro company with a BIG vision it takes a lot of sweat equity to achieve things and these incredible women are playing a massive part of this journey.

There are many who have worked with me and given incredible support and guidance over the years, too many to mention, so I will share the ones who are playing a part behind the scenes right now.

All of them are excellent role models and I am so blessed to have them as part of our team.

Belinda Gayle McCormack:
GENIUS DESIGNER. I suspect she doesn't see herself that way but I can not speak highly enough of her work, work ethic and leadership.

Bel and I worked on my last big theatre show 1066, The Bayeux Tapestry Brought to Life. What she created from a design aspect through to actually constructing to bring that show to life left me speechless. ​

​She is an incredible guide with an eye for planning that I can not get enough of. She is bold and speaks her mind bringing balance and perspective to my grand visions.

Johancee Theron:
Yo as she is often called, is not only a talented actress she is multiskilled through Lighting and Stage management.

Yo and I have worked on a range of projects with different companies over the last few years.  A tremendous supporter who has caught the vision she is relentless in her support​.

Working as our Production Manager last year she has decided that is not the role for her at the moment.  We are excited to be transitioning her into a new role this year so we can truly maximise her skills and make sure she is doing what she loves as well.

Her passion and drive are an inspiration and I love that she is not afraid to chase her goals.

Josie Dodson:
I was so pleased to meet Josie who came on board as Stage Manager when I was General Manager of the Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble.

When she decided to move on from them I had no hesitation in asking if she would join this team.

Josie has proven herself time and again to be dedicated, reliable, organised (waaaaayyyyy more than I could be) and super easy to work with.

​She is cool, calm and collected and is a great support during productions to help us keep focussed and on track when required.

Milly Walker:
Newest member of the team is Amelia Walker, a multi-skilled creative who​ was Stage Manager on two productions I worked on ​early in 2020 and also has skills across production management and directing.​  

She ​has Joined Small Crown this year to work on our upcoming production of Adventures of Peter Rabbit as Production Manager​.

​ Her calm, solutions focussed and confident approach will be an asset to anyone she works with.

Bron and Sam:
I could not acknowledge the women who support Small Crown Productions without mentioning my wife and daughter.

Bron (my wife) is and ever will be the biggest fan of my work. 

The balance she brings to my thinking, the sounding board she is for my ramblings and the insight into other people and situations that I miss completely is a cornerstone of my support.  She also puts up with me being out a LOT!

Sam, my daughter has always brought me joy, and many of the times we have shared and experienced together have been a driving factor in creating the Theatre4Kids brand within Small Crown Productions. 

She has a killer wit and a true heart for others. Life is more fun for everyone when she is around.   

To these, and all the incredible women who hustle&grind as much as ​any man, are more driven to succeed than many, and do it with a heart that men often lack…

Thank you!  

Fun for kids in the School Holiday’s!

We LOVE creating.

Theatre might be the thing we love to make the most, but creating is creating and we want to use that to help parents and kids have easy access to fun stuff to do in the school holidays.

To do this we have come up with an idea we think you are going to love.

The idea started as a means to help kids take our shows home with them.  An activity pack themed to the show.  They are filled with all sorts of games, puzzles and activities all themed to the show, but…

We don’t always have a show on, and you might not be able to make our shows so we thought to ourselves, “Selves, how we can still help?  What can we do that will help parents provide some extra fun for kids even when we don’t have a show on”. 

That’s when it hit us. 

We can create a range of school holiday activity packs not based on a show.

And so we did.

Available now is our Christmas themed Holiday pack.

Coming soon is our Easter holiday pack and a range of others will soon follow.

We are excited by the idea of being able to help parents in their never ending quest to find fun stuff for their kids in the holidays.

You can check out the full range HERE

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  • December 8, 2019

Free Tickets For Kids Theatre Show

AWARD winning actor/producer Paul Adams is giving away free tickets to his new Theatre 4 Kids show ‘Adventures of Peter Rabbit’ to celebrate the launch of the show.

Mr Adams is presenting the Theatre 4 Kids shows during the day in the school holidays as his way to provide parents with fun school holiday activities. “I want it to be more than a show so there will be other things happening around the show times.  We will have a site specific treasure hunt and other fun activities before and after the show itself.”

The Belmont producer is creating this new work for primary school aged children with parents in mind. “I produce the annual school holiday program Wynnum Wipeout that runs in Wynnum every January and parents are always asking if we are doing anything during the other holidays,” Mr Adams said “and now I can tell them we are.”

The tickets will come in the form of a $25 gift card that can be used for any future show. “The $25 gift card fully covers the cost on one ticket and the beauty is it won’t expire. So if parents can’t make the first show this year, they can use it next year.” Mr Adams explained, “I want it to be a real gift that can be used whenever they are ready.”

The first Theatre 4 Kids show will be ‘Adventures of Peter Rabbit, a new adaptation of the Beatrix Potter classic tales and will premiere in the newly renovated Ron Hurley Theatre at the Seven Hills Hub on September 24th and 25th, 2019.

The gift cards will be available until 30 june 2019 by heading to www.theatre4kids.com.au

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  • April 14, 2019

Small Crown Productions launches new kid focused theatre shows.

After spending the last few years producing a range of other companies works we are making the leap back onto stage with our own productions.

I am SO EXCITED to announce the launch of Theatre 4 Kids.  These will be family friendly theatre shows performed during the day in the school holidays, and produced in our local area

Theatre 4 kids logo

So if you are in the South East corner of Brisbane (Bulimba, to East Brisbane, Wynnum / Manly to Norman Park) get set for some easy to get to, affordable theatre shows, all with a little bit more.

The first show ill be Adventures of Peter Rabbit a new adaptation from the Betrix Potter classic tales and will be perfored at the new theatre at the Seven Hills Hub, in Seven Hills.

Determined to make it more than just a show we are planning a range of other exciting and fun stuff around the show. There will be a treasure hunt, county fair style games and some activity centres for the smaller kids. Basically we want to help you fill out a few hours of fun for the kids when you come along.

Jump onto out mailing list if you want to be kept in the loop of what we have coming up each holidays. We’ll see you at the theatre.

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  • March 24, 2019