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The Fast Paced Race To Find The Most Easter Eggs.

A print at home board game for 2 or more players aged 5 and up.



Race your way from courtyard to courtyard to find as many eggs as you can. The player with the most eggs at the end of the game wins.

Players roll dice to move, and once in a courtyard (paved circles) they roll the dice again and if the dice match the numbers in that courtyard they have found an Easter Egg.

 The game board is delivered in 2 x A4 pages so you can print and stick it together to make a single A3 size board.

Dice are not included, but we have added a paper template for some, just in case.

Each player can takes a basket as the base to hold their Easter Eggs, or you can colour your own basket by printing a black and white one.

How To Play

​Game Play

​Game play happens in three phases.

In each turn a player has a movement phase, a hunting phase and a placement phase.

Easter Eggs are placed into the courtyards in an initial placement round by rolling the dice.

​Movement Phase

​Dec​lare if you want to move or stay. You might choose to stay if yo are in a courtyard and have not yet found an Easter Egg.

If moving, roll 2 dice and move accordingly.

Stop in Courtyards to hunt for eggs.

​Hunting Phase

​Roll 2 dice and add the numbers up.

If the total of your dice matchs the one of the numbers beside the courtyard you have found an Easter Egg.  

If not take a luck token to help you on your next hunt.

Placement Phase

​After your movement and Hunting Phase you must add new Easter Eggs to the Board.

Roll 2 dice and​ add the numbers up.  ​

Take an egg from the reserve pile and place an egg ​in the courtyard​ with the corresponding number.

​The player with the most eggs at the end of the game wins.