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24-25 ​​September 2019 - Seven Hills Theatre, Brisbane

Based on the classic tales by Beatrix Potter, this new original version will hop onto stage in September 2019.
​​Arrive Early and take part in our site specific Treasure Hunt.

When Peter escapes the drudgery of doing his chores he ends up at Mr McGregor's garden.

After a close call involving a carrot, a mouse and a giant net, Peter has a day filled with hare raising excitement

and narrow escapes... but is he bunny enough to save a friend's life?


Tuesday 24 & Wednesday 25 September 2019


Ron Hurley Theatre, Seven Hills Hub
 28 Tallowwood Street Seven Hills
(turn into the Clearview Urban Village off Clearview Terrace).


Shows start at 10.30am and 1.30pm with a run time of approx 1 hour with no interval.


We want to make it more than just a show. We want to create an experience that will keep your kids talking for days, so arrive early and take part in our site specific Treasure Hunt. To support our community further we will also have a sausage sizzle fundraiser onsite ​provided by one of our community partners.

That is only one day though, so what can we do to help you for the rest of the week?

We know that kids love to recreate and re-enact shows that they have seen.  What if you could take the show home with you so the kids can re-live the experience all week long?

Add a POP (a Play On Pack) to your ticket order to access a heap of downloadable resources such as crafts, puzzles and activities all based on the show, that kids can do at home to keep playing in the world of the show for the rest of the week.

You can pre-order your POP now and you will be sent the information to download it closer to the show dates, and because it's downloadable you can purchase once and download it for the whole family.


Dates are transferable up to the week before (subject to availability) so don't stress if you are not 100% sure which day to attend just yet.  Select a day and we can change it later if needed. 

Stress free refunds will be available if your situation changes before the season.


One more thing we know is that not everyone can afford to come to a theatre show. If you are like us and would love the opportunity to give more kids a chance to experience some school holiday fun, we have a way to do that as well. If you purchase a COMMUNITY CHEST Pack we will add those tickets to the number we are donating to our community partners. They will distribute them to families who are doing it a bit tougher than us so their kids can have some extra fun as well. There are two options - just a ticket, or a ticket and a POP.


I am very excited to be re-launching our theatre productions this year and as a special gift I want to offer you a $25 gift card so you can come and see a show on us.

$25 covers the full cost of one ticket so whenever you are ready to bring the kids to see a show, or just come along by yourself, you get to come for free. 


The Gift Card has NO EXPIRY so if you don't know when you can make it, NO PROBLEM - you can use it on the next show, or the one after that or when ever it suits you. 

Make sure you ​GRAB YOURS TODAY while they are still ​available!


Gift Card


The Bayeux Tapestry Brought to Life

Written by

Paul Adams and Penny Farrow

1066 translated the imagery of the famous Bayeux Tapestry into a mesmerising theatrical spectacular.​

Filled with music, dance, animated images of the actual tapestry and a set made of fabric, this show was a visual delight.


​an original play by Paul Adams

​Undiscovered follows the journey of a man ​fed up that he can not get signed by a publisher.  In a release of frustration he writes a short play in Iambic Pentemeter, the writing style of William Shakespeare.  

Madness ensues when he then pretends that he found it in an old book left to him by his Grandfather.


​conceived and directed by Paul Adams

​Tweet Summers was Australia's first live theatre performance on the Social media Platform Twitter.

By following the character profiles the audience watched the story ​through the tweets posted in real time by the characters.

Based on Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' this story unfolded in one continuous ​four week long performance.  

Tweet Summers was performed by five actors, with four living in Brisbane and one in London, England.


conceived and directed by Paul Adams

The Three Tweetle Pigs was the second Live show performed on Twitter by Small Crown Productions.  

Based on the classic children's tale 'The Three Little Pigs' this story took some fun twists when it was revealed that the Big Bad Wolfe was a private investigator searching for clues in a Truffle Trafficking Crime.  

This show was performed by five actors, with four performing from Brisbane and one actress performing while on tour down the west coast of Australia with a different production.  


​Written by Niccoli Machievelli & directed by Paul Adams

​The Mandragola, or Mandragora is a bawdy Italian comedy from the late 1500's.

Desperate to have an heir an old man is duped by a ​con-man into believing a concoction made from the root of the Mandragora plant will be the answer to his prayers.  

However once administered to his young and beautiful wife the first man to 'have relations' with her will absorb all the poison of the potion from her and die.  The only answer is to find a young and virile street rat to be fooled into doing the deed.  

Naturally our ​con-man knows exactly where to find one.


​Story time

Contracted to the Brisbane Powerhouse, Small Crown Productions delivered a series of improvised story time sessions as part of the 'Power Kids' school holiday program.  

Armed with nothing but boxes of thrift shop clothing Paul led the kids through stories made up on the spot based on suggestions from the kids themselves.


​An improvised Commedia Del Arte Scene.

Following a 2 hour workshop on the form and an introduction to the masks I took a group of amature performers through the process of devising and performing a Commedia del Arte scene in 3 hours.

We started with a basic concept of 'Two people are in love and their parents don't want them to get married'.

From that we cast, created, rehearsed and performed this show.

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