This course is currently in development.

​How to ​Write a ​Shakespearean ​Style ​Sonnet

​Join writer Paul Adams as he presents this Masterclass style training.

In this video training course you will see the exact process Paul uses to write personalised Shakespearean style sonnets for his customers.

Learn the elements and follow step by step as he writes a sonnet, explaining the thought processes along the way as you write your own.  You will understand the decisions made around choices of themes and specific words as you write the sonnet.

The course will also include additional tools you can use to write y​our sonnets a​s well as exclusive bonuses.

At the end of this course you will have more confidence to write your own ​Shakespearean style sonnet time and time again.

The course is being offered at a discounted pre-order price while it is being developed.

Once released the price will be increased.  Release date is estimated for ​Oct 2020.

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